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Inviting Entryway with Statement Pieces

Get inspired by Covet Collection and make your ideas a reality

An Inviting Entryway is always the starting point on the journey through a home. Discover the pieces that will help you not only make it welcoming, but also, your own.


The atmosphere of a home is always created by an Inviting Entryway, which genuinely expresses and defines the tone for your interior designs. With these luxury pieces it is possible to create a relaxing, peaceful, and welcoming environment. Covet Collection is dedicated to assisting you in attaining just that.

One support that is absolutely essential in order to achieve a functional and Inviting Entryway is the console. Inspired by Covet Collection Patagonia Capsule Collection, this magnificent Plata Console is made of metal and Patagonia marble and is named after Rio de Plata, one of the areas visited by Portuguese adventurers during the early European discovery of Patagonia. Furthermore, its two dynamic circular legs connect with the modern straight lines from the top, producing a blend of natural and contemporary components.

The reflected surface of a mirror creates the sense of extra depth, which can help a small area appear larger. A mirror can help you to widen an entryway visually. In order ro lengthen their necks, Kayan women, are known to use Neck rings. From this inspiration, emerges the Kayan Round Mirrorbuilt of an old brushed brass construction imported from Myanmar. This ornate mirror can add interest to a plain wall.

The Ike Suspension Lamp features a distinct but instantly recognizable style that is excellent for any mid-century contemporary home. This stunning lamp is handcrafted in brass and aluminum and offers a glossy black and gold plated finish, which is a statement for its high-quality craftsmanship.  This trendy brass lamp is ideal for an Inviting Entryway.

And because lighting is always an indispensable element, but also because a lamp can be much more than a mere illumination item, we suggest the Donna table lamp that can also be a showpiece. This table lamp, developed in collaboration with DelightFULL, has redefined everything we’ve ever seen in the realm of lighting design.  Both the body and the shade of this handcrafted brass and Estremoz marble lamp were gold-plated to enhance its luxury qualities. This Donna lamp, maybe DelightFULL‘s most exclusive design, includes delicate handmade accents all around the shade, giving it a Hollywood glamorous atmosphere. Its elegant design complements any traditional doorway or dining room. It’s also an ideal table light for an Inviting Entryway.

A cozy home with a luxury design is possible. With our suggestions, you can make a statement right at your entrance. What did you think of our suggestions for an Inviting entryway?







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