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Contemporary Living Room Combining Neutral and Bold Tones

A stunning contemporary living room idea for a gorgeous, sophisticated home

Dramatic colors blend perfectly with neutral tones in this Contemporary living room inspired by the wonders of Patagonia


This contemporary living room in Cairo, Egypt, created by Rowan Mahrous in collaboration with Covet House, has a contemporary aesthetic and is beautifully put together, with stylish and modern architecture. It combines contemporary and luxury decor, blending neutral and bold tones to perfection. It’s a great way to relax and unwind in a contemporary living room that’s both pleasant and functional. The combination of classical and current pieces will be a soul-satisfying experience. The space’s contemporary, clean, and sleek architecture pairs beautifully with the dreamy furniture‘s stunning curves and shapes.

This stunning contemporary living room, starts with the perfect base to give it sophistication and elegance while making it a functional space: the Carrera Bookcase. Created for the Patagonia capsule collection this towering bookcase respect to one of the its most wonderful natural phenomenons, where massive columns of flawless marble are created through the force of water in the marble deposits. Large utilitarian compartments in dark walnut veneer with a Patagonia marble surface and a modern aluminum champagne framework at the top.

Ancud, known for its lush vegetation and vibrant vistas, has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, which could only serve as the inspiration for this exquisite ancud sofa. Upholstered in a deep green velvet fabric that resembles the plant life found in the cleanest fields, with a capitoné finish that replicates the sensation of the terrain’s various altitude, this sofa promises to be a statement centerpiece in your contemporary living room.

The name of this amorphic center table comes from the art of making thin sheets of rock. Slater Center Table is expertly made from four slates of Patagonia marble combined with elegant features in aluminum. The surface is leveled in many dimensions to give it a natural, authentic atmosphere. This table gives your contemporary living room the support it needs, while drawing attention to the sophisticated beauty of its features.

Returning to Ancud´s magnificent environment, the ancud armchair that is also covered in a rich green velvet fabric that simulates its rich greenery and bright vistas. It’s not only a good companion to the Ancud Sofa, but a seating addition that will add a touch of color and luxury as well as practicality to your contemporary living room.

Covet Collection shows you how to get a contemporary living room that is embellished by the most gorgeous dramatic colors.

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