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Contemporary Living Room featuring Fractal Capsule Collection

Living Room with the design editions of the Fractal Capsule Collection

In today’s inspiration, we bring to you the Fractal Living Room. A contemporary living room design, created using the pieces from the Fractal Capsule Collection. Fractal is a contemporary capsule created by fashion designer Luís Mercader for Covet Collection. Mercader is all about reinterpreting the classics by creating seasonless, genderless, and trendless fashion. Clients are encouraged to transcend what they traditionally understand and believe as masculine and feminine to find what suits them best, or what they find to be more comfortable. Now, this mission is brought to the interior design world through a set of furniture items that fit both store design and residential projects. Luis Mercader’s timeless aesthetic is a perfect match to Covet Collection‘s love of craftsmanship and high-quality design. Iconic shapes and concepts are adapted to the contemporary world to create powerful ambiences. Ready to discover this living room?

Modular sofas are the ultimate staple of contemporary living. Modern homes need flexible sofas that create both cosy and functional spaces. The Lozenge Sofa offers versatility, functionality, and comfort in one piece. The perfect sofa for this living room.

Inception is an act of beginning. The inception side table tops are composed of three triangles, the geometrical shape that originated the entire Fractal Capsule Collection, in different sizes and marble types. The base in polished stainless steel enhances the geometrical shapes to create a very modern side table. Another incredible piece for our Fractal Living Room!

The second seating piece of this geometrical living room is Prism Single Sofa. The regular geometry of its prismatic shape makes this leather single sofa a solid yet elegant element in any contemporary modern living room, master bedroom, lounge, or store. This is an extremely versatile piece that will easily adapt to its modern surroundings.

Last, but certainly, not least, we have everyone’s favourite of this capsule collection: Fractal Logo Mirror! This polished stainless steel mirror is the reflection of harmony in chaos. It is an ode to geometry and simple forms which when repeated in loop become almost hypnotic.

As always, Covet Collection provides you with the best living room inspirations!

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