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Dining Room with Patagonia Capsule Collection

Bring Patagonia to your dining room with our Capsule Collection!

A dining room full of Patagonia elements is everything that you need to bring one of the most fascinating natural phenomena in the world!  The shapes, materials, and design of these pieces are inspired not only by the Marble Cathedral but by the Patagonia region and its rich history as well. Patagonia marble turns these items into a cohesive and exciting collection of carefully selected items. Today we bring to you the perfect ones for your dining room.

Let’s begin with the centrepiece: Patagon Round Dining Table from The Patagonia Capsule Collection by Covet House. The round dining table culminates the inspiration for the overall Patagonian collection. The interesting and unique foot of the table, with little globes representing each archipelago, glacier, landmass, and city in the Patagonian region. A circular Patagonian marble top is the culmination of this homage, while the champagne lacquered foot represents the region’s individuality and natural beauty. Perfect for your dining room.

Next, for the bookcase our amazing Carrera Bookcase. The massive marble deposits on the border of General Carrera Lake have been eroded away by the water for over 6,200 years, resulting in caves, tunnels, and massive columns of pure marble. This tall bookcase serves as a homage to this natural, beautiful phenomenon. Extensive utility compartments in dark walnut veneer over a Patagonia marble top, finishing in an exquisite modern metal champagne structure that complements your dining room.

For the lighting piece and still within the Patagonia Capsule Collection we suggest the Patagon Suspension Lamp for your dining room. Various metal champagne circles of different circumferences are composed of little globes representing each archipelago, glacier, landmass, and city in the Patagonian region. Using frosted white glass and metal champagne for this illuminating piece, reflecting the many colours and tones reflected in the Marble Caves, one of the most well-known places of the Patagonian Andes. Discreet but unique, this suspension lamp is ideal for a dining room.

Finishing with the only piece that is not from the Patagonia Capsule Collecton but that does not fail in complementing perfectly this dining room  we bring the Munay Rug from the Flat Woven Alpaca Rugs by Miyabi Casa. A double face, reversible rug made with alpaca woven. This piece gives the final touch to your dining room.

Transform your dining room into a Patagonia Paradise with our capsule collection!

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