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Dining Room With Stunning Pieces from Covet Collection

Unique Dining Room Inspired by our Capsule Collections

Let us Inspire You to Design a Pleasant Space by Creating a Dining Room with Stunning Pieces


With Covet Collection you can create a Dining Room with Stunning pieces and take you design into the next level of elegance and and sophistication. The dining room, the unsung hero of every interior design. A Dinning Room space must always be functional, but above all it must be pleasant. Without giving up on luxury, we will show how Covet Collection can provide you a dining room with stunning pieces from our Capsule Collections.

The Dining table is the most striking item in a Dining Room with Stunning pieces, after all, this is what makes it a dining space. The Heel Stone, a stone with a heavily texturized surface and elemental carved shape is the inspiration behind this Heel Stone Round Table. The two feet, made of carved hardwood and emphasized in a three-color finish to imitate the sky and light cast on the Heel Stone at different times of the year. The shape and colors of the famous stone are quickly reflected in a circular acrylic tabletop. The collection’s unifying element, a granite stone, adds the finishing touches to an already exceptional table, transforming it to a one-of-a-kind element for any eating space. This is a must-have item for a Dining Room with Stunning pieces.

To complement this dining table, the Bluestone II Dining Chair  is inspired by the Stonehenge’s non-intrinsic stones. The uneven shapes of the chair’s hardwood lacquered feet and back are reflective of the monument’s varied stones and materials.  In addition to providing you with a Dining Room with stunning pieces, the chair has a soft and comfy upholstered seat in a friset bouclé fabric, as well as amobe-bluette stain varnish legs that extend from the seat to form the armrests and backrest.

Lighting is always a fundamental point in any room. However a light feature should not only be functional and serve its purpose, as a lamp can be an absolutely wonderful luxury item with a more contemporary design. Horus Suspension Lamp, like the God of the Sky and the Rising Sun, promises to be a modern interior design reference. This lamp, with its matte black lacquered brass structure and matte brass shades, is ideal for making a bold entrance above a formidable Dining room.

To give cohesion to a Dining Room with Stunning Pieces, a good rug is the ideal item.  The Aisito woven alpaca rug with a flat surface has a reversible double weave with a distinct design on each side. Besides this, you can change the dimensions, coatings, and even materials of conventional goods. These designs want to truly emphasize the personality of your spaces and give you a Dining Room with Stunning Pieces that are also unique.


Ready to create a Dining Room with Stunning Pieces with these inspirations from Covet Collection?






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