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Dining Room with the Volume of Materia Capsule Collection

Covet Collection brings the Volume of Materia Capsule Collection into your dining room!

The dining room we bring to you today comes directly from the Electric Neutral Apartment project created in collaboration with Maria Zaharova. With our Materia Capsule Collection pieces, you can create this unique neutral dining room. Materia Capsule Collection is a capsule created in partnership with Masquespacio and takes its inspiration from physical science. The collection designed by Masquespacio hereby contains a series of furniture and lighting items created out of forms that look a little bit surreal and outer space. Come with us and navigate through this dining room project, whose beautiful wooden floor goes very well with the neutral tones, white marble, and the touch of gold present in this division. A dining room that really transmits a sense of calm and peace, uniting the classic elements of the architecture with contemporary modern furniture and lighting pieces. 

First things first, let’s start with the lighting piece chosen for this dining room: the Branch Lamps Hanging. The branch lamp collection stands out for its particular form that makes us remember the branch of a tree. An unusual form for a lamp design for the right one for this project.

To gather together you’re loved ones you’ll need a big dining table. For this, we present you Marble Table Big. One of nature’s most beautiful matters is without a doubt marble. This table in this sense is an ode to one of the most beautiful materials on earth. Perfect for this dining room.

For the seating pieces of this dining room we bring to you Body Chair. Like if it were a body, but in an unreal way and size the Body chair represents a particular person, maybe it is perfect with its new shapes or maybe it looks a little bit outer space. Either way, we beliece it looks incredibly in this design.

To finish, and as a support for all the volume of this dining room, we present you with Marble Table Small. Just like the Marble Table Big, this table in this sense is also an ode to one of the most beautiful materials on earth.

And just like that you bring the Volume of Materia Capsule Collection into your dining room!

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