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Exceptional Entryway Drawn from Luxury Details

Give your sitting room a new look and watch it become a much more exciting space

Find inspiration to turn your main entrance into a truly Exceptional Entryway


First impressions are the ones that stay with us and linger for a long time, which is why the importance of an exceptional entryway should never be overlooked. The entrance is the visiting card of any house and the first contact made when coming in from the outside. Who says main entrances have to be dull and not vibrant?! Come with us, and we’ll show you the ideal pieces to transform this space into a genuinely Exceptional Entryway. Take a peek and learn how to make a Luxurious and memorable entranceway!

Starting by presenting the latest capsule collection from Covet Collection in collaboration with Ptang Studio, we present the Sarsen Armchair. Inspired by objects from nature, this armchair features a contemporary design inspired by the Sarsen stones found in significant quantities throughout the United Kingdom. Textiles with stone-like tones and a clean and refined design were chosen for this armchair in order to give it a modern and minimalistic appeal.  Finally, the magnificent granite stone is used to offer a unique and sumptuous touch.

Still within the Objects of Nature Capsule collection, we present the Dovedale Side Table inspired by the Dovedale Stepping Stones, a stunning feature from Peak District – an UK National Nature Reserve. The low-lying stones that protrude above the waters are reminiscent of the forms and colors utilized in the hardwood lacquered feet of table. With Dovedale Side table you can bring a contemporary modernistic style that perfectly compliments your exceptional entryway through a masterful blending of the granite stone and a tempered glass top.

A striking mirror is always a nice addition to any space. Characterized by its gold-plated brass framing, the Vertigo Mirror is a simple yet glamorous round mirror which helps you breathe new life into your space while enhancing it. This mirror is the result of a collaboration with Luxxo brand and offers a refined appearance attributable to its sleek design and framing features.

We end this space with the Pharo Wall Lamp, also born from the Modern Classic Capsule in collaboration with Luxxo. In ancient Alexandria, Pharos was an island where the most famous and grand lighthouse stood. Lighthouses nowadays take on simpler shapes, such as the Pharo Wall Lamp. This lighting element is a beacon of light that breaks through the darkness, made of gold plated metal and crystal glass.

Are you ready no turn you entrance into a truly Exceptional Entryway?







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