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Fresh Dining Room With Covet Collection

Find The Perfect Pieces For The Ultimate Fresh Dining Room

Covet Collection offers you the ideal pieces for the ultimate fresh dining room with the Materia Capsule Collection, created in collaboration with Masquespacio Studio.

When the summer comes, the sun rises and the weather is finally hot, a colourful dining room with fresh vibes is an extreme necessity. In today’s inspiration, we present you with the ultimate fresh dining room where different shades of green blend incredibly with the neutrals and create a modern and amazing interior.

The pieces from our Materia Capsule Collection were created in collaboration with Masquespacio Studio, a collection that takes its inspiration from physical science. Materia in this sense is described as a substance that has mass and takes up space with its volume. Everyday objects in this sense are made out of atoms and any particles. With the possibility of customization, you can paint the original white seating in green and create an amazing fresh living room.

How much space an object or substance takes up many times defines its impact in an environment. The Volume Chair, although with its huge and unreal mass, is the stand-out piece in any interior design that will catch your attention from far away. In the inspiration, the Volume Chair is the main seating piece, in a blueish shade of green, creating an incredible contrast in this fresh dining room. While we’re talking about seating and chairs, the Body Chair is another piece present in this inspiration. Like if it were a body, but in an unreal way and size the Body Chair represents a particular person, maybe it is perfect with its new shapes or maybe it looks a little bit outer space. Here we find it in the most colourful green, giving the supreme fresh diving room vibes.

One of the most incredible pieces from the Materia Capsule Collection is the lighting piece Branch Lamps Hanging. The branch lamp stands out for its particular forms that make us remember of the branch of a tree. An unusual form for a lamp design that suits incredibly our fresh diving room.

Covet Collection as many more capsule collection, that I invite you to visit in our New Show-Stopping Capsule Catalogue. This capsule can be mixed up and allow you to have fun within your interior designs. Proof of that is the combination of Materia Capsule Collection with The Patagonia Capsule Collection by Covet House in this own fresh dining room inspiration with the Carrera Bookcase. The massive marble deposits on the border of General Carrera Lake have been eroded away by the water over 6,200 years, resulting in caves, tunnels, and massive columns of pure marble. This tall bookcase serves as the homage to this natural, beautiful phenomenon. Extensive utility compartments in dark walnut veneer over a Patagonia marble top, finishing in an exquisite modern metal champagne structure.

The ultimate fresh dining room is now a possibility because of Covet Collection Capsule Collections.

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