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Close Your Eyes And Feel The Breeze

How To Bring The Beautiful Landscapes Of Patagonia To Your Living Room

It’s now time to bring a bit of the Patagonia natural magic to your living room. Patagonia is most definitely a contender for the most beautiful place in the world, boasting stunning vistas at every turn, paths untrodden by the masses, towering snow-capped mountains and a multitude of lakes varying in many colors. The landscapes, vast forestsnatural reserves, national parksglaciers and native wildlife were the inspiration behind the Patagonia Collection. The shapesmaterials, and design of these pieces are inspired not only by the Marble Cathedral but by the Patagonia region and its rich history as well. Have a seat in this living room by Covet Collection.

In physical geography, a steppe is an ecoregion characterized by grassland plains without trees apart from those near rivers and lakes, another very familiar landscape in Patagonia, which served as the inspiration for the natural curves and shapes of Steppe Armchair. A comfortable and appealing seating piece, upholstered in a soft moss green velvet and a subtle metal champagne foot.

Based upon the Chiloe Archipelago of the Patagonian region, with one small island mostly surrounded by water on the eastern and western sides. This circular piece mirrors exactly this landmass and its morphology. Embodying the island, the Chiloe Mirror has a small Patagonian marble circle, while the two circular mirrors: a clear mirror and aged mirror, represent the clear and crystal waters of the archipelago. The fine metal champagne finishes and the built-in light elevates this mirror to a refined and timeless piece.

Kooch center table are a homage to the nomadic people in the Patagonian area, symbolizing the variation in size of the tribes and their later occupation, represented here by the metal champagne circles.

Known for its greenery and full of life terrains, Ancud has one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world, that could only serve as the main inspiration for this exquisite sofa. Upholstered in a deep green velvet fabric, resembling the plant life exuding from the purest fields, and capitoné effect creating the same feel of the different elevations in the terrain of this Patagonia region. Close your eyes and feel the breeze – your living room will never be the same!

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