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Living Room in the Neutral Shades of Patagonia

Discover the Incredible Pieces that The Patagonia Capsule Collection by Covet House has for your Living Room

The Patagonia Capsule Collection is inspired by one of the most fascinating natural phenomena in the world. The Patagonia marble, presented in most of this capsules pieces, turns every item into a cohesive and exciting collection of carefully selected items, in neutral shades. Perfect for any living room.

A luxurious center table that is also neutral and unique is perfect for your living room and Slater Center Table is the ideal one. This amorphic center table, gathers its name from the art of creating thin sheets of rock. Expertly crafted, Slater Center Table consists of exactly four slates of Patagonia marble merged with refined metal champagne. Levelled in different dimensions to give a natural, neutral, organic vibe to your living room.

Reflecting some of the best handcraft techniques, Slater Mirror is the perfect art piece to add to your living room. Amorphous, organic shapes define this item, where a mirror is merged with chic metal champagne. A set of three pieces, with endless possibilities and combinations. The ultimate pieces to complement your living room, plus, looks extremely good next to Perito Sideboard.

Named after the Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the most spectacular, and popular, attractions in Patagonia. A massive ice mass, that curiously has a continuous and large plain-like appearance, not organically shaped like most glaciers have. The straight lines are visible on the design of this sideboard, where the dark walnut veneer “V” shaped doors represent the cracks on the ice, and the Patagonian marble top the unusually plain surface of the glacier. The chic champagne metal legs bring the look together, for a powerful sleek aesthetic in your living room.

To finish your neutral living room, choose a custom version of our Ancud Sofa in beige. Known for its greenery and full of life terrains, Ancud has one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world, that could only serve as the main inspiration for this exquisite sofa. Upholstered in a deep green velvet fabric, resembling the plant life exuding from the purest fields, and capitoné effect creating the same feel of the different elevations in the terrain.

Once again we bring the neutral shades of Patagonia into your living room.

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