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A perfectly match for a Living Room with Covet Collection

Who says neutrals are boring? Clean lines, straight or organic, and neutral colours are perfect elements when it comes to creating calm retreats.

Living room with clean lines and Neutral Colours is some of the curated looks that Covet Collection wants to share with you. Functionality is key, to achieve this ambiance. The idea of a perfect living room is different from person to person, the reason behind wanting one stays fairly the same. This elegant modern living room with clean lines, symbolize the vision of less is more”, this ambiance gives us the ability to fit into any type of home,  due to the neutral aesthetic, functional design, and modern sensitivity.

From pearly whites to different hues of browns, beige, and nudes, surely you feel at home, and you achieve that feeling when you accomplish these amazing looks, because every home has a heart, and it is the living room with clean lines. There is no doubt that this ambiance gives us a moderncleantranquil, and cohesive environment, and Covet Collection has all the products to make this design possible.

Starting from a functional purpose, the Arabica screen is a striking piece of furniture that can really enhance the mood in any space. Made from the bronze mirror and Emperador marble with a dark polished finish. The perfect choice for any living room.

Because every Living Room needs a Sofa, Fitzgerald Modular Sofa is a furniture piece of your dreams, rounded and oversized, with a low backrest and a cockpit structure inspired by the shapes of Italian architecture, this piece proves art and interior design come together once you have the right eye for it. And guess what? You can choose the color.

The main key for comfort in your living room with clean lines is to have a rug. Sugar rug is about to bring a sweetened essence to the center of your home decor. The irresistible minimal design touch you’ve been looking for is here.

The perfect way to provide a simple and neutral complement to a modern living room with clean lines is to have a perfect center table. Robusta Center Table, with inspiration from the deformity of the sub-Saharian plains where the famous Coffea Robusta is grown. Its two marble tops resemble the hues of brown from the exquisite coffee beans and rest perfectly on a delicate and continuous bronze leg.

Achieving a curated look is less challenging than you may think. A living room with clean lines and neutral colors.

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