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Living Room with Covet Colletion Capsule Collections

In this living room, Covet Collection invites you to get inspired with these signature designs covered with special deals!


Great living room designs always begin with great stories – that’s why Covet Collection is the epitome of signature designs! And with our Annual Sale, it’s now time for you to enjoy special deals and achieve a truly curated look in your living room! Focused on creating show-stopping interiors, Covet Collection is all you need to create your dream living room! Dive into this inspiration with us, and get ready to be inspired by our design editions!

Let’s start with Sarsen Armchair. This contemporary designed piece follows the same inspiration as the Sarsen family, where Sarsen stones are sandstone blocks that may be found in large quantities in the United Kingdom. These are the stones used in the ancient and enigmatic Stonehenge. For a modern and minimalistic look, fabrics with stone-like hues and a clean and streamlined design were chosen for the armchair. A superb textured single-tone boucle upholstery, characterized by its detailed stitching. Finally, add the sublime granite stone, which brings a one-of-a-kind and luxurious touch to your living room.

Continuing within the Objects of Nature pieces, we have the Dovedale Center Table. The Dovedale Stepping Stones are a beautiful feature in the Peak District and a declared National Nature Reserve of the UK. With two different carved hardwood legs, the modern center table masterfully unifies the main characteristics of the collection, the granite stone with a tempered glass top, emerging a contemporary-designed coffee table.

Now it’s time to let the Fractal Capsule Collection shine! Catching everyone’s eye we suggest you the Fractal Logo Mirror. This polished stainless steel mirror is the reflection of harmony in chaos. It is an ode to geometry and simple forms which when repeated in a loop become almost hypnotic. The star of your living room.

To finish this inspiration, Linear Console. The very definition of elegant luxury. Simple in form, yet luxurious in materials and details, this marble and polished stainless steel console is a must-have in modern luxurious interiors like this living room.

Get your living room now with this special deals!

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