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Luxury Dining Room by Covet Collection

Get inspired by this luxury dining room powered by Covet Collection Capsule Pieces!


A luxury dining room should make you fall in love, every day. Is there anything better than reuniting the ones you love around a dining table? There isn’t! Contemporary design is all about a powerful desire to go beyond standard aesthetics, shape new languages, create new stories and find yourself in the center of it all. By focusing on colour, space, and shape, Covet Collection is here to boost your home inspiration. Are you ready to get inspired by this luxury dining room?

Let’s start with the main piece of a luxury dining room, the dining table: Grava Dining Table. As you travel south the Patagonia region, the soils grow more arid and rocky, and large swaths of stream-rounded pebbles, known as grava patagónica. These formations and shapes are mirrored in the top of the Grava Dining Table, where the symbiosis of materials: metal champagne, black lacquer, and Patagonia marble, create the same illusion of this soil. An opulent item, with its four modern legs, also plays with the use of the same finishes. Exciting, this table will be the conversation starter at any dinner party.

As for the mirror piece, we suggest Chiloé Mirror. Based upon the Chiloe Archipelago of the Patagonian region, with one small island mostly surrounded by water on the eastern and western sides. This circular piece mirrors exactly this landmass and its morphology. Embodying the island, this mirror has a small Patagonian marble circle, while the two circular mirrors: a clear mirror and aged mirror, represent the clear and crystal waters of the archipelago. The fine metal champagne finishes and the built-in light elevates this mirror to a refined and timeless piece. Perfect for a luxury dining room.

As a support piece for this luxury dining room  the Perito Sideboard. Named after the Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the most spectacular, and popular, attractions in Patagonia. A massive ice mass, that curiously has a continuous and large plain-like appearance, not organically shaped like most glaciers have. The straight lines are visible on the design of this sideboard, where the dark walnut veneer “V” shaped doors represent the cracks on the ice, and the Patagonian marble top the unusually plain surface of the glacier. The chic champagne metal legs bring the look together, for a powerful sleek aesthetic for your luxury dining room.

To finish, the dining chair: Bluestone I. The word “bluestone” is used informally to designate all of the non-intrinsic stones at Stonehenge. The irregular forms used in the hardwood lacquered feet and back of this chair are reminiscent of the monument’s various stones and elements. The chair is constructed of lacquered hardwood with amobe-bluette stain varnish legs and back, and a soft and comfortable upholstered seat in a friset bouclé fabric. Perfect for this luxury dining room.

What do you think about this luxury dining room?

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