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Luxury Living Room with Covet Collection Annual Sale

Stock Pieces: Get The Look with Ready to Ship Items!

Get Yourself the Luxury Living Room of your dreams with Covet Collection

Creating a luxury living room is not always easy. Showing off luxury and wealth is something that is not available to everyone. However, it may become simpler when you have the right pieces for the right places. Today we’re bringing you the right pieces that allow you to create your luxury living room. The best of all: these items are ready to ship and with the best deals!

Starting with the centrepiece of this luxury living room, the Slater Center Table from the Patagonia Capsule Collection by Covet House. This amorphic centre table gathers its name from the art of creating thin sheets of rock. Expertly crafted, Slater Center Table consists of exactly four slates of Patagonia marble merged with refined metal champagne. Levelled in different dimensions to give a natural, organic vibe to your luxury living room.

Moving on to the armchair matter. The Steppe Armchair from the Patagonia Capsule Collection, created in partnership with Covet House is the perfect complement! In physical geography, a steppe is an ecoregion characterized by grassland plains without trees apart from those near rivers and lakes, another very familiar landscape in Patagonia, which served as the inspiration for the natural curves and shapes of the Steppe Armchair. A comfortable and appealing seating piece, upholstered in a soft moss green velvet and a subtle metal champagne foot. Allowing you to create the ideal luxury living room.

For that purpose, another perfect piece that you can add to your luxury living room is Fractal Logo Mirror. This polished stainless steel mirror is the reflection of harmony in chaos. It is an ode to geometry and simple forms which when repeated in a loop become almost hypnotic. Full of character and personality, this piece is the perfect complement to your luxury living room.

To finish your luxury living room, and because every space needs a support piece, we recommend the Linear Console, the very definition of elegant luxury. Simple in form, yet luxurious in materials and details, this marble and polished stainless steel console are a must-have in a luxury living room.

Now, you can get your luxury living room with our Annual Sale!

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