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Luxury Living Room with Covet Collection

Covet Collection creating another curated look

Luxury Living Room to achieve the pinnacle of a perfect design.

The design of this amazing Living Room was created by Buro one , the studio design of Serhat Sezgin a designer/architect from Moscow.

The main key from this Living Room is neutral colours, achieving this way perfect modern design. Definitely is an ambience that invite us to enjoy the perfect design and greatest comfort.

This cohesive design it’s hypnotizing, don’t you think? Covet Collection is here to help you to get the look that you deserve.

Covet Collection Design editions is the perfect option to get the perfect look, choosing a product with a different style from a different era with a different story.

We have 7 capsules with different styles to please every type of taste. Let’s start by choosing 2 of them, The Neutrals Collection, and the Contemporary Modern Collection.

Catching the neutral vibes of this luxury living Room, we can start by choosing a caffe Latte Sofa from the Neutrals Capsule, Siphon Sofa. With a clean design and defined angles, Siphon Sofa is the perfect addition to an open space living room or even a hotel lobby. A sofa rich in flavour and full of neutral beauty.

Combining the colours of the sofa, we present the Jute Rug. A modern and neutral piece made of botanic silk, with a soft presence and an even softer touch. With a pattern and texture similar to the weaving from the traditional Brazilian jute bags used for carrying and for the storage of coffee beans.

Because every living room has to be a perfect light to create the perfect ambience, we suggest the amazing Horus II Suspension Lamp from the contemporary modern capsule. With the promises to be a reference in modern interior design, this chandelier is perfect for creating a grand reveal over a fierce living room sofa.

Having the perfect center is the most important in every living room,  and having the Robusta Center Table we can achieve that. With an uneven shape, taking inspiration from the disformity of the sub-Saharian plains where the famous Coffee Robusta is grown. The perfect piece to provide a simple and neutral complement to a modern interior.



Never been so easy to achieve the perfect look of a Luxury Living Room with Covet Collection.




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