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A luxury nursery room that will make you fell like they are in a whimsical hot air balloon drive through the sky

Luxury Nursery Room

A magical kids project that will take you to the clouds!

This modern classic girls’ room it’s the dream come true of every kid! In pink and white shades, a ballon bed, and suspension lamps with the shape of clouds, this luxury nursery room on a trip to the sky!

This luxury nursery room was designed around the romantic and adventurous design of our Fantasy Air Balloon Bed. The Fantasy Air Balloon is a themed kids’ bed that invokes the romantic and whimsical ambiance of a hot air balloon ride! This luxury kids bed can be customized to fit both boy’s and girls’ bedroom designs, and due to its unique design can be easily turned into a sofa.

This whimsical ambiance is complemented by our Jute Round Rug on the bottom, for the ultimate comfort of the child, and with our magical and iconic Cloud Suspension Lamps. With their lighting and sound system, these suspension lamps will surely invoke an enchanted drive throughout the sky.

Inspired by the iconic character Bugs Bunny, the most famous and playful bunny in the world, the Little Bunny Chair is here to add more fun to your kid’s bedroom.

This Cloud Vanity Console is the ideal item for a magical-inspired bedroom. Its original cloud-shaped form has unique details that were specially made to make little girls feel like true princesses living in a fairytale.

By combining our beautiful furniture pieces this luxury nursery room will make the little kids feel like they are in a whimsical hot air balloon drive through the sky.


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