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Modern Classic Living Room by Murillo Paoli

Covet Collection shows you the best pieces for a stunning interior design

Unique designs for a modern classic living room in subtle tones


This is a peaceful but refreshing interior design by Murillo Paoli, dominated by neutral, golden, and stunning green colors, in which the modern classic living room spreads in all its grandeur. The designer strives to keep up with the current luxury interior design trends, such as biophilic design, the contrast between golden and earthy tones, and rounded curves, which will undoubtedly triumph in any modern classic living room, in the spring and approaching summer season. Covet Collections shows you the highly-curated pieces to recreate this modern classic living room in your home.

Nothing beats relaxing in a peaceful living area, featuring a mesmerizing sofa from our “Patagonia Capsule Collection” with Covet House. Our Ancud Sofa is upholstered in a deep green velvet fabric that resembles the plant life found in the cleanest fields of the region after which it was inspired, with a capitoné finish that replicates the sensation of the terrain’s various altitudes. It is the perfect touch of green for a modern classic living room design.

The Robusta Center Table has a delicate but striking presence.  Its two marble tops are reminiscent of the brown colors found in the finest coffee beans, and they are perfectly balanced on a delicate and continuous bronze leg. The ideal piece for adding a clean and neutral touch to a modern classic living room space.

Inspired by the written stories passed down for centuries through Vellum, a fine and translucent material, the elegance of this sconce is made of hammered metal and exhales the power of resistance across the ages, just as written stories never perish. The warm lighting of the Vellum wall lamp will write every tale you produce in your modern classic living room by bringing a sophisticated design to this space´s lighting element.

The last light element in this space that represents an authentic work of art combined with functionality is the Horus II Suspension Lamp, named after the God of the Sky and the Rising Sun, which promises to be a modern interior design reference. This chandelier has a matte black lacquered brass structure and crackle glass shades that are ideal for producing a spectacular revelation over a modern classic living room.


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