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Modern Design where Dark and Light Tones Complement Each Other Perfectly

Discover New Inspiration for a Modern Living Room

Covet Collection‘s most enthralling Capsules come together to create a modern design for a dream decor


The splendid and modern design of this living room has an exquisite subtlety in the way it blends soft tones, both light and dark, giving it a modern and sophisticated aesthetic.
Bathed in natural light, this modern design has a touch of elegance and luxury that makes this a true dream home. The process of glamourizing a space such as this seems natural where sophistication is vital to give the high-end feel to this modern design.

A Dream home might be a completely different image in each person’s mind. However, Covet Collection provides you with highly-curated design ideas that only draw on fascinating and luxurious furniture pieces and unique environments.

The Sarsen are the stones that make up the mysterious and historic Stonehenge and are the inspiration behind this item from the Objects of Nature collection. The Sarsen modular sofa combines two different upholstered cushions, both for the seat and backrest, and draws its design inspiration from the arrangement of the stones in the monument. Excellent single-tone boucle upholstery with a rich texture that is distinguished by fine stitching. using colours in the materials that resemble the colours of the stones and a clean, streamlined design for a modern, minimalist appearance. Lastly, the exquisite feel of a granite stone provides a special and opulent touch that is the perfect seating centrepiece for this modern design.

The Pentagon leather stool, which is shaped like a pentagon and named after it, represents the human microcosm, perfection, and individuality, combining polished stainless steel and black glossy lacquer to make a statement in any interior design. This modern design is a part of the Fractal Capsule with Luis Mercader and is the ideal accent piece for this living space.

A steppe is an ecoregion made up of grassland plains without trees and serves as the inspiration for the next mandatory item for your modern design. Patagonia is the setting that served as the source of inspiration for the Capsule Collection with Covet House and its Steppe Armchair‘s organic curves and contours. A welcoming and attractive seating item with a delicate champagne silver foot and moss green velvet upholstery.

Last but certainly not least, Masquespacio‘s branch lamp collection is notable for its distinctive forms that remind us of a tree branch. This modern design is a new take on lighting elements designing and has a unique shape that will give a striking design character to your room.


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