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Modern Dining Room with Objects of Nature

Covet Collection provides the best design editions that allow you to recreate this Modern Dining Room


Ptang Studio Limited joined Covet Collection Design Editions to create a functional, minimal set of pieces perfect for a modern aesthetic. Using simple and identifiable shapes in its pieces, where ergonomic is blended with design to accentuate the intuitive nature of furniture and to define an instinctual relationship with every item and its user. In today’s inspiration, we are focusing on the dining pieces that allow you to recreate this modern dining room in your home! Are you ready?

The Heel Stone lies Northeast of the Sarsen Circle, beside the end portion of Stonehenge Avenue, a stone with a highly texturized surface and elemental carved shape. The three feet made from carved hardwood taper in similar characteristic to the Heel Stone and highlighted in a three-color finish to resemble the sky and light cast on the Heel Stone at different times of the year. The dove white marble tabletop immediately mirrors the shape and colors of the famous stone as well. The cohesive element of the collection, a granite stone adding luxurious details to an exquisite table, turning it into a unique item for any modern dining room.

The word “bluestone” is used informally to designate all of the non-intrinsic stones at Stonehenge. The irregular forms used in the hardwood lacquered feet and back of this chair are reminiscent of the monument’s various stones and elements. The chair is constructed of lacquered hardwood with amobe-bluette stain varnish legs that extend from the seat to become the armrests and backrest, and a soft and comfortable upholstered seat in a friset bouclé fabric. Bluestone II Dining Chair is the perfect complement of the Hell Stone Dining Table in this modern living room.

Storage is always a need, specially in a modern dining room where there are plenty of utensils. For that we suggest the Cairn Modular Cabinets. Cairn is a group of stones carefully arranged on top of each other. Derived from the Scots Gaelic word meaning ‘heap of stones’ and an ancient form of markers. This spectacular and mystical served as the inspiration for the contemporary Modular Cabinets. With different shaped modules, available in a complete set or separately, made with hardwood lacquered with white satin varnish, and a highly texturized front and doors mimicking the famous stone itself. Finally, like any other item from the collection, uses a granite stone for that luxurious finishing touch for yout modern dining room.

To finish we present you with the perfect lighting piece for this modern dining room, and for this we bring another capsule collection: the Objects of Nature Capsule Collection. The branch lamp collections stands out for its particular forms that make us remember of the branch of a tree. An unusual form for a lamp design but prfect for this modern dining room.

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