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Modern Interior Design: Soft Tones with Striking Details

Get This Modern Look With Our Capsule Collections

Discover the Pieces that can improve your space with our suggestions for a Modern Interior Design


This Modern Interior Design with soft tones has a fantastic curated touch with slightly darker tones, luxurious furnishings, and marvelous lighting ideas. Now is the time for dining chairs and tables to shine, not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of creating a distinctive and entirely soothing environment. This colorful and well-coordinated setting will transport you to a nurturing and welcoming environment. Are you ready to give your dining room a makeover?

To take you on this journey through Modern Interior Design, we start by presenting our Capsule Collection inspired by Patagonia, from which our first suggestion has been drawn. The soils become more arid and rocky as you move south into Patagonia, and enormous expanses of stream-rounded pebbles, known as grava patagónica, appear. In this table, designed in collaboration with Covet House, combination of materials from metal champagne, black lacquer to Patagonia marble, produce the same illusion of this soil in the top of the Grava Dining Table.  An opulent piece with four modern legs that also play with the same finishes. This table will be the topic of talk at any dinner gathering.

Ancud is one of the most magnificent environments in the world, noted for its rich greenery and bright vistas, which could only serve as inspiration for this stunning armchair. This Ancud armchair is covered in a rich green velvet fabric that simulates plant life seen in city fields, with a capitoné finish that replicates the sensation of the terrain’s varied altitudes. It also can be customized and change the dimensions, coatings, and even materials of conventional goods. Finally, a piece to emphasize the personality of your spaces.

Lighting is the key to giving a Modern Interior Design the ambience we are looking for. The Ike Suspension Lamp features a distinct but instantly recognizable style that is excellent for any contemporary home. This stunning lamp is handcrafted in brass and aluminum and offers a glossy black and gold plated finish, indicating high-quality craftsmanship. This trendy brass lamp is ideal for use as a dining room chandelier and you can even dimmer the switch to emit a smoother light.

As we discussed earlier, a room will be ideal that if to the Modern Interior Design, and luxurious finishes, we can combine the best possible warmth and confort to a room´s atmosphere. The suggestion here is to choose a good a carpeting. White Garden is a square-shaped rug with shades of white that is perfect for you Modern Interior Design. It was inspired by the refinement of soft tones. It is a very attractive and stylish product because of its tone and the allusion to geometric style in the interior. A magnificent one-of-a-kind rug created entirely of floral silk that exudes warmth and comfort.


A Modern Interior Design can be inviting, relaxing, luxurious and stylish, but with the Covet Collection, much more than this, your space can be unique.









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