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Modern Living Room in Soft Tones

Discover How Soft Tones Can Still Create a Striking Design

This Modern Living Room is an exquisite balance of earth and white tones where an accent green piece elevates and gives it a magnificent touch of sophistication


Always at the forefront of high-end design, Covet Collection introduces its collections of carefully chosen furniture pieces. This modern living room inspiration by Kosta Design is a great opportunity to showcase the luxury design items that can inspire your creative vein and assist you in developing a tasteful interior design. You won’t require any more items to complete your dream interior decor projects thanks to Covet Collection´s array of styles and design expertise.

Come with us as we unveil the best design pieces for your modern living room design creation.

The natural beauty of Patagonia served as a prime inspiration for the capsule collection with Covet House which has several unique design elements that are allusive to this magical setting. Ancud in particular is a region famous for its lush vegetation and vibrant scenery, that boasts some of the most magnificent views in the world, and was the obvious source of inspiration for this exquisite seating element – the Ancud sofa. Upholstered in a rich green velvet fabric that evokes the plant life emanating from the cleanest fields, with a capitoné effect simulating the varying heights in the landscape.

Materia Collection is yet another stunning capsule by Masquespacio created in collaboration with Covet Collection.  The Atomic table as its name implies appears to be constructed of many atomic fragments thrown together carelessly while at the same time creating a lovely and distinctive form through its volume, forms, and material contrasts. This table is a unique design touch in any modern living room.  The perfect accent for this modern and functional table is the Marble table lamp. This lighting feature is a tribute to, without a doubt, one of nature’s most exquisite materials.

Iruya is a reversible, double-faced, flat-woven alpaca rug with a unique pattern on each side. This creation in partnership with Miyabi casa is the perfect finishing point for a modern living room since it not only adds warmth and comfort to the room but it also is a harmonizing element that incorporates all the soft and cozy tones that are a part of the room´s color palette.

This Covet Collection items are not only unique and sophisticated designs but they also have the comfort and  that will give this space its ultimate luxury feel at Home.

What did you think of Covet Collection´s suggestions for this modern living room?


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