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Modern Living Room Inspired by The Patagonia Capsule Collection

Modern Living Room By Covet Collection

Modern living room with modern pieces from The Patagonia Capsule Collection by Covet Collection.

The ambiance uses neutral warm colors in order to bring the feel of modern coziness to the space and golden touches that incorporate the luxury style, besides complementing the entire modern living room. All of these aspects combined, give an amazing modern space.

In this article, we are showing you how you can get this look with pieces from The Patagonia Capsule Collection, perfect for any modern living room design. This collection is inspired by one of the most fascinating natural phenomenons in the world: the spellbinding caves are located in General Carrera Lake in the Patagonia region. The shapes, materials, and design of these pieces are inspired not only by the Marble Cathedral but by the Patagonia region and its rich history as well. Patagonia marble turns these items into a cohesive and exciting collection of carefully selected items.

Let’s start with the main piece in the inspiration modern living room: the armchair. For this category, we suggest the Steppe Armchair. In physical geography, a steppe is an ecoregion characterized by grassland plains without trees apart from those near rivers and lakes, another very familiar landscape in Patagonia. This aspect served as the inspiration for the natural curves and shapes of Steppe ArmchairA comfortable and appealing seating piece.

Moving on to lighting, we have two different, but both gracious options. For the wall lamp, we suggest the Mármol Wall Lamp and As a substitute for the floor lamp, let us recomend the Mármol Floor Lamp. The Marble Caves (also known as Cuevas de Mármol) are one of the most magnificent natural phenomena in the world, located on a solid marble peninsula in the Patagonian Andes. The forms of the metal champagne utilized in both these lamps were inspired by these caverns, which were carved with amazing organic flowing shapes. Also, the choice of this material was inspired by the water reflecting on the cave walls, replicating the many colors and tones reflected in the cave and producing a distinctive, eye-catching lighting element for your modern living room.

Last but not the least, the Slater Side Table as the side table for this inspiration. The name of this amorphic side table comes from the art of making thin sheets of rock. The Slater Side Table is expertly made from a slate of Patagonia marble and metal champagne, with four curved black lacquer legs. The surface is shapeless to give it a natural, organic feel. A subtle, yet distinct design.

Combining all of these elements from The Patagonia Capsule Collection you’ll be able to get yourself a modern, but still luxurious modern living room.

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