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Modern Office with The Perfect Blending Of Dark and Light Tones

Dark and Soft Tones Come Together to Give You a Truly Stunning Modern Office

Discover a fresh way to decorate your Modern Office and transform it into something more than just a place to work


A Modern office is a space that should not be neglected at all. Being a place of concentration and work, it can also be an inspiring and welcoming space where the possibilities are endless. We will present you with the best options through these luxury items that will help you build a Modern Office marked by the intensity and sophistication of darker tones, while offering you a space of tranquillity and clean atmosphere through Cream Toned furniture.

Every item in the Covet Collection is created to deliver the beauty of each design without overpowering other elements, attaining the perfect mix of design and practicality. Check out how this well-curated Modern Office space can have you feeling  inspired. This room, with its Cream and dark color scheme, is ideal for reading your favorite book, work or simply sitting and thinking.

A bookcase is always a key piece of furniture for a functional office. What we would like to show you is that this piece can also be a luxury accent in this space and be a key piece in a design to achieve a Modern Office. Much like this design, the huge Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia emits a soft and light tone that contrasts with the ice plates’ hardness. With its straight stainless steel-styled lines suggesting the form and coldness of a glacier, this Perito Bookcase is clearly inspired by it. The wooden components have an amorphic look that resembles ice fractures. A sophisticated wood veneer walnut top divides each level of the bookshelf, giving it a powerful clean appeal.

The centre of any Modern office is a desk where all the activities inherent to this space are conducted. This show-stopping desk is the neutral and luxurious accent you’re looking for. Still within the Patagonia Capsule Collection with Covet House, Perito, the inspiration behind this Perito Desk is the Moreno Glaciar that emits a delicate and warm tint during the golden hour, which contrasts with the coldness of these ice plates. The basic usage of a straight Patagonia marble surface, coupled with some little metal champagne embellishments on the legs and top, represents the illuminance and width of the plain glacier. A simple design stands out the one-of-a-kind artwork behind this piece.

While retaining all the comfort and quality offered by Covet Collection designs, the Ancud Armachair has finishes that make it luxurious and modern without losing its functional characteristics. For you modern office, this Ancud Armchair inspired by one of the most beautiful places on the planet, known for its lush foliage and brilliant panoramas, this armchair features a deep green velvet fabric that mimics plant life seen in city fields, as well as a capitoné finish that mimics the sensation of the terrain’s different heights.

Not forgetting the side table which is a way to bring a different element that could stand out in any Modern Luxury office. The suggestion is the Dovedale Side Table from the Objects of Nature Collection that allows you to give a more unique look, accentuating different details in this Modern Office.


Achieving the perfect Modern office has never been easier than with the specially curated Covet Collections.










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