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Neutral Modern Living Room with a Golden Touch

A look that will elevate and enhance your overall living room experience. Designed by Elve Mobilya!

Where can we find glamour? We can find it in simple things as small details that can make a huge difference in an entire room, as we’ll see in an amazing living room with some inspiration from the Neutrals capsule collection.

In this stunning ambience, and we have the perfect pieces without overpowering, and give to you, they ultimate get the look experience ever.

Seating is never too much, that’s why we suggest for your living room the Essex Armchair. This armchair is inspired in metamorphosis, the transformation process from caterpillar to butterfly. This barrel chair is upholstered in velvet and has a base in aged brass matte that adds charisma. It will add refined elegance to any living room set that only velvet chairs are capable of.

Let yourself having a living room a vintage Designs and bring back the stylish era of the 50’s and 60’s, we have the perfect sofa from the mid-century modern capsule collection, Fitzgerald Sofa.

Having comfort and glamour as guidelines, Fitzgerald Sofa is a smart and great choice for this lovely living room. Rounded and oversized, with a low backrest and a cockpit structure, Fitzgerald is the modular sofa of your dreams. Inspired by the shapes of Italian architecture, this piece proves art and interior design come together once you have the right eye for it.

We think that if you want a glamorous and luxurious living room you need the Tycho Round Suspension from the modern classic capsule collection. This chandelier is inspired by the stunning architecture of The Empire State Building. It’s a masterpiece with an extravagant shape, capable of transforming every space into a stunning scenario. Due to its vigorous personality, it creates an exclusive atmosphere.

To complete this incredible look, we suggest for the living room floor our Jute Rug which is a modern and neutral piece made of botanic silk, with a soft presence and an even softer touch. With a pattern and texture similar to the weaving from the traditional Brazilian jute bags used for carrying and for the storage of coffee beans.

A Neutral Living Room With A Touch Of Luxury





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