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Open Space featuring the Objects of Nature Capsule Collection

Get the perfect modern open space with our Objects of Nature Capsule Collection Pieces

Ptang Studio Limited joined Covet Collection Design Editions to create a functional, minimal set of pieces perfect for a modern aesthetic. Using simple and identifiable shapes in its pieces, where ergonomics is blended with design to accentuate the intuitive nature of the furniture and to define an instinctual relationship with every item and its user. In today’s interior design inspiration we bring the modern aesthetic of the Objects of Nature Capsule Collection into this open space project created by Atria Design LLC. The collection takes inspiration from stones of various natures, forms, and scales in informing the individual series. Stay with us and get yourself the perfect modern open space!

Let’s start with the dining area of this modern open space and, especially, with the dining table. Atria Design chose Heel Stone Dining Table. The Heel Stone lies Northeast of the Sarsen Circle, beside the end portion of Stonehenge Avenue, a stone with a highly texturized surface and elemental carved shape. The three feet made from carved hardwood taper in similar characteristic to the Heel Stone and highlighted in a three-color finish to resemble the sky and light cast on the Heel Stone at different times of the year. The dove white marble tabletop immediately mirrors the shape and colors of the famous stone as well. The cohesive element of the collection, a granite stone adding luxurious details to an exquisite table, turning it into a unique item for any dining setting in your open space!

A dining area is never completed without a dining chair where people gather around the table. For this we have Bluestone II Dining Chair. The word “bluestone” is used informally to designate all of the non-intrinsic stones at Stonehenge. The irregular forms used in the hardwood lacquered feet and back of this chair are reminiscent of the monument’s various stones and elements. The chair is constructed of lacquered hardwood with amobe-bluette stain varnish legs that extend from the seat to become the armrests and backrest, and a soft and comfortable upholstered seat in a friset bouclé fabric. The perfect complement fot this open space.

Moving on to the living area, Atria Design chose Sarsen Armchair for the seating matter. This contemporary designed piece follows the same inspiration as the Sarsen family, where Sarsen stones are sandstone blocks that may be found in large quantities in the United Kingdom. These are the stones used in the ancient and enigmatic Stonehenge. For a modern and minimalistic look, fabrics with stone-like hues and a clean and streamlined design were chosen for the armchair. A superb textured single tone boucle upholstery, characterized by its detailed stitching. Finally, adding the sublime granite stone, which brings a one-of-a-kind and luxurious touch to your open space.

To finish the living area and the pieces we have for you today, we present the Dovedale Center Table. The Dovedale Stepping Stones are a beautiful feature in the Peak District and a declared National Nature Reserve of UK. With two different carved hardwood legs, the modern center table masterfully unifies the main characteristics from the collection, the granite stone with a tempered glass top, emerging a contemporary designed coffee table for your open space.

What do you think about this modern open space?

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