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Refreshing Living Room by Rodrigo Merlo

Get yourself a Refreshing Living Room with Covet Collection

Summertime is the right season for renewal, with a slight touch of contemporaneity and freshness. This is how Caffe Latte and Covet House present their new project in partnership with the argentine designer Rodrigo Merlo. In this refreshing living room, the presence of vases, and plants, in addition to the green paint, elevate the spirit and constitute a true ode to nature and all its shadows and shapes. Come with us and get yourself a refreshing living room with our pieces.

The space itself consists of two fully contemporary modern style areas in neutral and invigorating tones. The first of them – a small and cosy foyer – it’s the one we will be exploring today. Here, we suggest Perito Sideboard from the Patagonia Capsule Collection, which stands out as the main statement piece in terms of organization and spatial arrangement. Named after the Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the most spectacular, and popular, attractions in Patagonia. A massive ice mass, that curiously has a continuous and large plain-like appearance, not organically shaped like most glaciers have. The straight lines are visible on the design of this sideboard, where the dark walnut veneer “V” shaped doors represent the cracks on the ice, and the Patagonian marble top the unusually plain surface of the glacier. The chic champagne metal legs bring the look together, for a powerful sleek aesthetic to your refreshing living room

Every console needs a complement, and nothing better than Slater Mirror from the Patagonia Capsule Collection, reflects some of the best handcraft techniques. Slater Mirror is the perfect arty piece to your refreshing living room. Amorphous, organic shapes define this item, where a mirror is merged with chic metal champagne. A set of three pieces, with endless possibilities and combinations.

The lighting pieces are another key element of this refreshing living room, in our lighting collection stand outs for bringing a unique touch to your refreshing living room. First, Marmol Floor Lamp also from Patagonia Capsule Collection. The Marble Caves (also known as Cuevas de Mármol) situated on a solid marble peninsula in the Patagonian Andes are one of the most beautiful natural phenomenons in the world. These caves, carved with exceptional organic fluid shapes, were the inspiration behind the forms of the metal champagne and frosted white glass used all over this floor lamp. Also, the water reflecting on the walls of the caves was the reason behind the use of these two materials, imitating the different hues and shades reflected in the cave and creating a unique, eye-catching lighting piece for your refreshing living room. To finish, Marble Table Lamp Small, exclusively designed by Masquespacio for our Materia Capsule Collection. One of nature’s most beautiful matter is without a doubt marble. This set of table lamps in this sense is an ode to one of the most beautiful materials on earth.

Lightness and comfort at home has never felt so good, and thanks to Covet Collection’s Design Editions, combined with Rodrigo Merlo’s talent and creativity, all refreshing living rooms come true.

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