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The Lounge Living Room Experience Of Your Dreams

The Lounge Living Room Experience Of Your Dreams

While you cruise through these impressive sets on the ground floor of the 3 level mansion, you’ll find next to the lounge dining room an earthly-inspired lounge living room, properly complete with pieces from the Pagatonia Capsule from Covet Collection. In a remarkably clear modern classic ambience, cohesive with the grand entrance, this space serves as much inspiration as the other rooms in the great hall. Golds are the main connector, and the vast fluidity of the key pieces and classical elements in a modern setting becomes its differentiated qualities. Enjoy a rare combination of pieces, carefully curated to a fundamental level of uniqueness that cannot be matched.

Slater Mirror, by Covet House, is the perfect arty piece to add to any room, reflecting some of the best handcraft techniques. Slater Mirror is defined by amorphous and organic shapes, where a mirror is merged with chic metal champagne. Slater Mirror is a set of three pieces, with endless possibilities and combinations. that looks amazing in this lounge living room!

Plata Console, by Covet House, its exciting two rounded legs converge with the modern straight lines from the top, creating a combination of both natural and contemporary elements. Named after Rio de Plata, one of the places visited by the Portuguese adventurers in the early European exploration of the Patagonia region, this sublime console has a mix of metal and Patagonia marble. Perfect for a lounge living room like this!

The circular Patagon Suspension Lamp culminates the inspiration for the overall Patagonian collection. Various metal champagne circles of different circumferences are composed of little globes representing each archipelago, glacier, landmass, and city in the Patagonian region. Using frosted white glass and metal champagne for this illuminating piece, reflecting the many colours and tones reflected in the Marble Caves, one of the most well-known places of the Patagonian Andes. Discreet but unique, this suspension lamp is ideal for this lounge living room.

Known for its greenery and full of life terrains, Ancud has one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world, that could only serve as the main inspiration for this exquisite sofa. Upholstered in a deep green velvet fabric, resembling the plant life exuding from the purest fields, and capitoné effect creating the same feel of the different elevations in the terrain. Incredibly created for this lounge living room ambience.

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